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Our hospital isHouse call specialtyIt will be. The area is Yokohama city and others (Kawasaki,​Kamakura, Tokyo)

*​See above for detailsService details/price listPlease refer to the.


Clinic hours: 9:30-18:30 (*until 2:00 p.m. on Sundays)

Nighttime available (separate fee)

Same-day reservations are possible, or please contact us for other times.


​ClosedSunday: Every Friday, other irregular holidays

Reservations/consultations are accepted by phone, email, or official LINE.

​There are times when I cannot answer the phone because I am on a house call or a doctor's appointment. note that.

We recommend contacting us by e-mail or official LINE.

​Payment: Cash, information on the right is currently being adjusted (various credit cards, transportation IC, QR code payment)


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所在地:Japan, Kanagawa, 横浜市

​For reservations and consultations, please use the hospital's official LINE/EmailI recommend it.

Please scan the QR code

Please register as a friend.

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