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House call fee

Yokohama city:

  - Kanagawa Ward, Tsurumi Ward, Tsuzuki Ward, Nishi Ward, Minami Ward, Naka Ward¥2,000

- Midori Ward, Aoba Ward, Kohoku Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Konan Ward, Isogo Ward, Asahi Ward¥3,000

    - Totsuka Ward, Seya Ward, Izumi Ward, Sakae Ward, Kanazawa Ward¥4,000


 Outside Yokohama:

    - Kawasaki City Kawasaki Ward, Saiwai Ward, Nakahara Ward¥4,500

    - Kawasaki City Takatsu Ward, Miyamae Ward, Aso Ward, Tama Ward¥5,500

-Kamakura City, Fujisawa City, Zushi City, Hayama Town (Please contact us)

*House calls are also available in Tokyo. Please contact us once.


Consultation fee

·Medical fee

First visit: ¥2,000 / Return visit: ¥1,000


・Overtime charges



*If additional parking or expressway fees are required during or outside of consultation hours, they will be charged at actual cost.


[Various inspection fees] *Prices exclude tax.


Various injections    ¥1500~

Intravenous drip (subcutaneous/intravenous)    ¥2,000~

Urine test    ¥1,000~

Skin test ¥1,500~

Blood test ~ Price varies depending on item

Blood collection fee    ¥1,500

Nasal catheter installation    ¥6,000〜

Urinary catheter installation    ¥6,000~

3 types of cat vaccine    ¥3,300

Rabies vaccine    ¥3,500

5 types of dog vaccines    ¥5,500

*In addition, various treatment fees, oral medication prescription fees, etc. will be charged separately.


Various flea, tick, and heartworm preventive drugs   Please contact us.

Health check set    Please contact us

Other measures, please contact us

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