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​About us

Our hospital is a veterinary hospital specializing in house calls, where we visit the owner's home by car and provide medical examinations and treatments.

・Difficult to take outside due to fearful personality

・I don't like hospitals so I don't want to stress them out.

・It is difficult to take the animal to the hospital because it is too old or seriously ill to move.

- Due to the large number of animals raised, it is difficult to bring them all at once.

・I want a family doctor who can give me advice anytime.

・I want to discuss things like a second opinion in the comfort of my own home.

We support animals and their owners who have difficulty coming to the hospital for various reasons by making house calls. We work in the home where both the animal and the owner can be most relaxed, reducing stress on the animal as much as possible, and responding to the owner's lifestyle.

Nurse Making Notes

House call area

Yokohama city:

    - Kanagawa Ward, Tsurumi Ward, Tsuzuki Ward, Nishi Ward, Minami Ward, Naka Ward

- Midori Ward, Aoba Ward, Kohoku Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Konan Ward, Isogo Ward, Asahi Ward

    - Totsuka Ward, Seya Ward, Izumi Ward, Sakae Ward, Kanazawa Ward  


 Outside Yokohama:

    - Kawasaki City Kawasaki Ward, Saiwai Ward, Nakahara Ward

    - Kawasaki City Takatsu Ward, Miyamae Ward, Aso Ward, Tama Ward 

-Kamakura City, Fujisawa City, Zushi City, Hayama Town (Please contact us)

*It is also possible to make house calls in Tokyo. Please contact us once.


Possible measures

In addition to regular internal medicine treatment, our hospital also provides palliative/pain care for serious illnesses, and we provide treatment through house calls while the patient continues to live a normal life at home. We also provide health checkups and vaccinations for healthy children, reducing the need for them to go to the hospital. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns.


“Treatments that can be treated with house calls”

  • Blood collection/blood test

  • ​diarrhea, vomiting

  • skin and ear treatment

  • Nasal/urinary catheter placement

  • drip/injection

  • Oxygen chamber installation (we will introduce a contractor if necessary)

  • Urine test/fecal test

  • Prevention/Vaccines/Medical Examination

  • Pain relief/analgesia (injection drugs, oral drugs, medical narcotic patches)

  • Grooming etc.

・Meals, discipline, etc. (We also accept food orders)

*Ophthalmological examinations such as ultrasound examinations, pleural effusion/ascitic fluid removal, cytology (pathological examinations), intraocular pressure measurement/keratoconjunctival staining, skin and urine examinations will be available in the future.

・For other matters, please contact us.


Additionally, please note that as our hospital specializes in house calls, we are unable to perform procedures that require general anesthesia (endoscopy, surgery, etc.) or perform X-rays.

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