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veterinarian for you and your family

Working responsibly

Our hospital is a veterinary hospital that specializes in house calls. Owning and living with an animal is like adding a new member to your family, and even if your pet is not feeling well, you should be worried. I've also had cats for a long time, and I'm afraid of them, but I don't need to go to the hospital, but I'm worried about something, and I haven't been to the hospital in a long time, but I'm getting older, so I'm worried about the future, and so on. I think you can understand. In order to solve these problems, we try to make it easy for the owner to ask questions, relieve the owner's concerns, and work together with the owner to decide on the treatment that best suits the child's condition. Since we specialize in house calls, we may not be able to provide all treatments, but we will do our best. Please feel free to contact us regarding even the smallest matters.

Satoshi Kumagai



Graduated from Rakuno Gakuen University College of Veterinary Medicine

​Miyagi Prefecture Animal Hospital

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Animal Medical Center General Training Physician

Yokohama City Animal Hospital

Kinnotoki Animal Clinic

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